Apr 122014
Easy Shortcut to Get to the UnStore

You can now get directly to the UnStore by using the URL http://www.unstorelass.com OR by continuing to use the http://www.shopperlass.com link – either will work. The UnStore Lass address might be a tad easier for some to remember since, of course, the UnStore is part of the Lass Group Mall.

Mar 302014
Easy Tips for Using the UnStore at ShopperLass.com

Even though the UnStore is simplicity itself — two whole steps! — here are a few tips for getting the most out of your shopping experience with the UnStore. Use simple terms. If you want a diamond ring, say so. Don’t use whole sentences . Most merchants call products by title, not description. Leave out […]

Nov 172013

Welcome to the UnStore at Shopper Lass. If you’ve found yourself opening tab after tab, page after page of stores and merchant websites, spending hours bopping from one place to the other, trying to find the best place to shop for a toaster oven or a new pair of Nikes — STOP! The UnStore was built […]